Sunday, July 15, 2007

Skype Ideas

I would use Skype to connect with other nursing instructors to collaborate and see what they are doing in their classes and labs. It would work well with observing the patient simulations and labs that are being used at the larger institutions. It would be an opportunity to share information and ask questions.

Another use would be for new instructors to observe how senior professors teach their classes. This would be very beneficial for new instructors that are not yet tenured. Conversely, the new instructor could be observed by the senior professor, the experience critiqued and constructive criticism given to the new faculty member. This could be part of the mentoring program for the new faculty.

Sales personnel could introduce their new products to faculty without ever leaving their company thereby saving time and money.

This one is a bit like reality TV, but consider the possibility of nursing students observing procedures, or grand rounds in a hospital. Of course, you would need safeguards to protect patient confidentiality and obtain the patient’s consent.

It would be very educational to speak with nursing students in foreign countries and learn about their nursing program and studies along with their culture and views on healthcare.

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Lee Anne said...

Karen, wow! Wouldn't it be a learning experience to visit with nurses and nursing students in other countries. Think of the learning that could happen in both directions.

Lee Anne