Monday, July 23, 2007

8-A-1 Assignment Big Shifts

Our college recently had installation of smart classrooms so that I can access the internet in my classroom. I foresee my teaching practice being supplemented by the most current nursing practices available. Administration supports hybrid and online courses and other technology for the nursing program. Students will have opportunities to read blogs about controversial issues in nursing and discuss and publish their ideas. They will also be able to collaborate with other nursing students from around the country and world on various topics. Students in the future will have the opportunity to develop an electronic online portfolio instead of a hard copy version. Collaboration among other nursing programs would become more commonplace. I envision myself becoming more multimedia oriented in the classroom. I believe in the premise that teachers can learn from their students. Students need to be more active participants and responsible for their learning. Nursing lends itself to laying a foundation of core nursing concepts. Students will have assignments to research the most current information about specific nursing topics. They will be expected to participate in discussion groups online and bring forth their real-life experiences to supplement their learning.

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Lee Anne said...


What you are saying about the students becoming more active participants in their own learning is very interesting and so very relevant to what is possible with the new technologies that are available to education. Anytime we can put the students in the teacher role, they are better positioned to actually, and actively, learn. I think that we still need to be as knowlegdeable as possible about our subject matter - our role as guide becomes all that much more important and complicated.

Do you think that the integration of technology is what is making us shift our "teaching" perspective or visa versa? Or, is this a chicken/egg senario?

Lee Anne