Saturday, July 21, 2007

8-B-1 Paperless Spaces

A paperless class would change my role as a teacher to that of a facilitator. I think that I would be guiding their learning process rather than providing content in a lecture format. Students would be more independent learners. I would be posting the reading assignments and tests on the computer more than I presently do. There would be more discussion points among all students rather than the usual few that respond in a regular class. I would have the opportunity to evaluate what the students are learning before they are tested and clarify any issues. I would add a larger percent of their total grade for their participation and discussion points.
Learning would be more independent and self directed. Students would need to have computer and internet access at the minimum. Students would need to be motivated and disciplined in this environment and take responsibility for getting involved in the learning process. They would be more active learners than passive ones. Learning would be more discussion oriented after core material was studied thereby allowing for more indepth analysis and critical thinking exercises. Learning would be more research oriented and allow the student to use more of their senses when learning. It could also determine if students are passionate about a particular subject thereby making a wiser career choice.
Learning could be measured by giving assignments or tests that are graded by the instructor online. A portion of the grade would be based upon specific criteria from a rubric for posting discussion points. It would be easier to build a learning network because students could be more available and flexible with their schedules. There would be more opportunities to network and engage in more indepth discussions with all students in the class rather than a few.

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Lee Anne said...

Wow, Karen! You make some powerful predictions.

One thing I am curious about is how you feel about these changes you see? Where do you see yourself here? How far toward this vision would you feel comfortable going?

Lee Anne