Tuesday, July 31, 2007

9-A-1 Web Applications Assignment

The goggle notebook would be an application that I would recommend to a student. It has tremendous possibilities for educational research. The applications allow easy linking as well as original URL/websites. The instructor would be able to view the progress of the student's research at anytime by connecting to the internet. It is also feasible for collaboration on a student group project. It saves time for both the student and instructor and allows more flexibility with scheduling.


Mindy L. said...

I have looked at Google Notebook also as a good tool for students to use with research. I had not thought about teachers using it to view the progress of the research project and observe how their students are working. I think it is a tool that many students could use to help organize their research.

Lee Anne said...

Karen, do you think we should have explored this tool in this class?

Lee Anne